The Potteries began back in 1986 when Janice and Jeanne became aware that a small adobe building behind Mama Marie’s Restaurant was about to become available. The rent was not expensive as the space was very small and the location was in the historic commercial district of Old Mesilla. It was heavy in charm, a splendid pottery studio space, and the roof only leaked a bit.

10 years later Bill arrived and moved into the old adobe next door. Janice and Bill soon married and built a larger kiln, merging their operations. Many more pots were made and all was well, except for that leaky roof.

In 2004 another old adobe only two blocks away went up for sale. More leaky roofs, but Janice and Bill bought the old building and spent the next year remodeling and creating their new studio and gallery. The new gallery greets you at the front door with 130-year-old vigas salvaged from another adobe a block away. Bill led the adobe crew and Jeanne and Janice laid all the tile throughout the building. The workshop is open to the public and the artists can be seen working, or perhaps unloading warm pots from the kiln. And no more leaky roofs!!

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